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Fareed Pharma World offers a full suite of administrations from test to treatment. We offer the test, offer live direction 24/7 without an arrangement,  confirm comes about, and interface you with a clinician who can endorse treatment in case you qualify – all without clearing out your domestic.

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Mr.Amjad Hussain Lashari


Mr. Amjad Hussain Lashari, a distinguished and seasoned pharmacist, operates a pharmaceutical business in his local area. He is a dynamic, forward-thinking, passionate, and committed individual who is always eager to assist the underprivileged and those in need. Recently, he has decided to launch a website that will offer comprehensive information about pharmaceutical products, including details such as the manufacturer, efficacy, active ingredients, price, availability, and other pertinent information that will undoubtedly benefit consumers and the pharmaceutical community. The website will serve as a one-stop-shop for all product-related queries, enabling users to access accurate information quickly and efficiently. Mr. Lashari welcomes your valuable suggestions and inquiries, and he can be contacted via email, which is provided below

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